Forage Analysis

CAL offers an all-encompassing forage analysis service. Clients are spoilt for choice between wet chemistry analysis, locally based NIR calibrations, and internationally recognised Dairyland Laboratory NIR calibrations which provide results in an AMTS format.

“Dairyland Laboratories, Inc is an independent, full-service agricultural testing laboratory based in the United States. Established in 1958, Dairyland has grown to be an international leader in NIR services for forage agronomy and ruminant nutrition. The laboratory staff, with more than 75 chemists and trained technicians, use in-house wet chemistry, in vitro, and in situ techniques to generate accurate reference data that supports the NIR calibration development. Utilizing a world-wide network of more than 25 forage labs, Dairyland is able to leverage samples and spectra from throughout the world to create robust calibrations that cover a wide range of forage species and provide the necessary inputs for modern ration balancing programs. Dairyland is also a proud organizing partner of the World Forage Analysis Superbowl held each year at World Dairy Expo in Madison, WI.”


  • Finished Feed Basic ***
    • NIR Protein, NIR Moisture, Calcium and Phosphorus
  • Finished Feed Complete ***
    • NIR Complete – All available analytics within the database plus Total Mineral Package (Ca, P, Na, CU, K, S, MG, Fe, Mn and Zn)
  • NIR Basic
    • Protein and Moisture
  • NIR Complete
    • All available analytics within the database
  • AMTS
    • TMR and Roughages